Submit a Proposal for the 2014 ATLFF Creative Conference

Got a great panel idea for the 2014 Creative Conference? The magic form is below. We will contact all submitters to let them know whether their idea appeals to us in coming months.

Thank you for your interest in participating. Proposals will be accepted until November 15th, 2013.


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The title should be fun and catchy, it should also be direct and to the point. (Low Budget Animation = Bland. The Future of Indie Animation: Indie Micro Budget Features = Awesome).
Include a short paragraph or two describing the panel. 250 words or less (anything more and we likely won't read it all...seriously).
Include the names, titles and companies for each participant. If you would prefer to present a solo talk, please indicate that below. If you know you want to have other panelists but would like suggestions, please indicate that.