Box Office FAQs

Welcome to the 2014 Atlanta Film Festival FAQ! We hope that this page fully addresses your inquiry, but if it doesn’t, please feel free to contact our box office team by using the contact information at the bottom of the page. Your inquiry will be addressed promptly and added to this page for other festival guests to reference.


Will my RSVP also get me into the feast at Callanwolde?
Yes! When you enter the theatre for the Game of Thrones screening, you’ll be given a wristband that will get you into the feast at Callanwolde. Screening attendance, and the wristband, is required for entry to the feast.

Does my RSVP guarantee me entry into the Game of Thrones screening?
An RSVP does not guarantee entry into Game of Thrones, which holds the same for pass-holders. We are overbooking this event and all seating is first come, first serve for RSVP holders.

I didn’t get to RSVP in time! Is it possible for me to still get in?
It is possible! Not all RSVP’ers actually show up the day of the screening. If there’s availability in the theater, seating will be opened up to the wait list first before walk ups, so make sure you register for the wait list!


When does Box Office open and close at each festival venue?
At all festival venues, box office will open 1-hour before the first screening of the day, and will close 30 minutes after the last screening of the day commences.

Are exact box office hours posted anywhere?
Yes; each day’s box office hours are posted on the front door of both The Plaza and 7 Stages Theatres, and are also available in hand-out form at each venue.

What are the seating times for screenings?
Seating may initiate up to 30 minutes before the screening.

What is Line A, Line B, and Line C? And who is admitted to each?

  • Priority Seating Group, or Line, A: Admitted first; for pass-holders and C-Ticket holders accompanied by a pass-holder;

  • Priority Seating Group, or Line, B: Admitted second; for advanced ticket buyers (those who purchased their tickets before advanced ticket sales ended);

  • Priority Seating Group, or Line, C: Admitted third; for MovieHopper Card holders, C-Ticket holders unaccompanied by a pass-holder, walk-up ticket buyers who missed the advanced ticket window, and pass-holders who arrive after the A line has been admitted. Entrance is subject to theatre availability.

Are all venues, and their theaters, handicap accessible?
Both the Plaza Main Theatre and 7 Stages’ Main Stage are handicap accessible; however, at this time, the Plaza’s upstairs theatre (the Chipotle Auditorium) is not. If you require assistance, or have any questions about accessibility, please contact 470.296.0170.


How much are tickets for individual screenings?
Tickets for each screening at the Atlanta Film Festival are $10, with the exception of our opening and closing night films, which are $30 and include access to the parties which follow.

What’s the benefit of upgrading from $10 ticket purchases to a MovieHopper Card?
Whether you're interested in a casual festival experience, or an all-out access-all kind of experience, we have an affordable option for you. Even if your plan is just to see a couple movies, you might find that our MovieHopper Card is well-worth the $50 investment.

At $50, if you attend (5) screenings, your investment is fully paid for; and even if you don’t attend (5) screenings during the festival, your MovieHopper card comes with a year-round membership (includes discounted and free screenings, workshops, and events).

Click here for further badge, MovieHopper Card, and membership details.

I purchased individual screening tickets online, in advance -- what line do I stand in?
All online advanced ticket buyers will be admitted into Priority Seating Group B. When you enter any ATLFF venue, a greeter will be available to guide you to each of these lines.

What happens if I buy a ticket in advance but arrive late?
If you are not in line by the time the ticket line is admitted (5-10 minutes before showtime), your seat may be released to someone else waiting to get in. It is especially important for popular shows that you arrive early. Allow plenty of time for parking and making your way to the venue.

What is the Atlanta Film Festival’s policy on ticket refunds?
All ticketing and badge purchases for the Atlanta Film Festival are final and non-refundable.

I’m a filmmaker and receive complimentary tickets to my screening? How do I acquire these from Box Office?
If you’re a filmmaker, and wish to claim your complimentary tickets, all you need to do is stop by box office at any time before your screening (we recommend coming early the day of to avoid the lines), show your pass credentials to the box office representative, and ask for the number of tickets you’ve been allotted by Filmmaker Services. We’ll print these on the spot for you!

Is there a will call for picking up tickets?
For the 2014 festival will call pick-up will not be provided. All online advanced ticket-buyers are sent a confirmation of their order with PDF versions of their tickets to PRINT and bring to the door. For your convenience, you may also show your tickets to the ticket taker using your mobile device. If you have any questions or concerns, please visit Festival Headquarters or contact our box office,; 470.296.0170.

How long will tickets be available online before screenings and events?
Ticket sales will be available online until an hour and a half before the event/screening, or until the event/screening sells out.

When do ticket sales cut off for each screening?
No further tickets will be sold, nor will patrons be admitted, for any screening after the 15 minute mark into the film.


When and where is pass pick-up for the 2014 festival?
Pass pick-up for the 2014 Atlanta Film Festival is located at The Highland Inn Ballroom and will operate on, and within, the following dates and hours:

  • Thursday, 3/27 : 5pm to 8pm

  • Friday, 3/28 - Sunday, 4/6 : 10am to 7pm

I’m a member with a pass or MovieHopper Card -- what line do I stand in?
All pass holders will be admitted into Priority Seating Group A and all MovieHopper Card holders will be admitted into Priority Seating Group C. When you enter any ATLFF venue, a greeter will be available to guide you to each of these lines.

I’m a pass-holder; do I really have to RSVP for Opening & Closing Night, Game of Thrones, and Archer?
Yes; all pass-holders are required to RSVP to all of these screenings/events and will not be admitted to the theatre with just their pass. Register your RSVP, or for a spot on the wait list if RSVPs are sold out, in order to gain entry.

Last year, as a member, I was able to get 20% off of ticket sales? Am I able to do the same this year?
Over the past year, the Atlanta Film Festival has revamped its membership program to extend even more benefits to members. Instead of offering a 20% discount, we now give our pass-holders (excluding MovieHoppers, which is a steal all on its own!) C-Tickets; good for free admission to any regular $10 screening.

What is a C-Ticket and how does it work?
Depending on your pass-level, you’re allotted a certain number of C-Tickets. These tickets are good for any regular $10 screening and you may use them to have up to (1) friend accompany you to a screening, or you may give them out at your leisure. Rules apply differently to each scenario.

  • C-Ticket Holders Accompanied by a Pass-Holder: Receive the same screening entry benefits as the pass-holder they are with; entry via Priority Seating Group A;

  • C-Ticket Holders Unaccompanied by a Pass-Holder: Gain entrance to regular $10 screenings via Priority Seating Group C (subject to availability).

What comes with a membership to the Atlanta Film Festival, what options are available, and how do I obtain a membership?
Everything you need to know about our Atlanta Film Festival membership program can be found here, or you can inquire about membership at Festival HQ; located at the festival’s pass pick-up location within the ballroom of the Highland Inn.

I purchased a pass through Agile, your old ticketing system; do you still have a record of my purchase?
More than likely, we do, but a few members have popped up that didn’t make the transfer. Please contact, or call/text 470.296.0170 to check on the status of your pass, just in case.