Human Resources: Sick Days Aren't a Game

Human Resources: Sick Days Aren't a Game

Saturday, March 29
12:15 PM

7 Stages Theatre, Main Stage

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Melon Head - Andy Fortenbacher – USA - 13:53
The only way to a woman's heart is to scare the HELL out of her!

Stay at Home - Cedar Daniels – USA - 13:56
A comedy about finding the balance between one's career, one's family and one's high powered, bolt-action sniper rifle.

This is it - Alexander Engel – USA - 3:00
Two college kids. First apartment. Shit gets real. Fast.

Housesitter - Rex New, Thia Schuessler – USA - 12:15
When bored housesitter Amy is taken hostage by a wanted fugitive, she welcomes the company with open arms.

Slash - Clay Liford – USA - 9:15
A 13-year-old boy writes Harry Potter erotic fan fiction as a means to become comfortable with his sexuality.

Human Resources: Sick Days Aren't A Game - Jeff Barry – USA - 10:40
The reign of Kendra Kurtis, Shen Com's respected and feared Director of HR, may be over when her assistant, Perry, is charged with the task of her termination. But how do you take down the queen who hired half the company and made you who you are?