Thomas Bennett

Thomas Bennett

Friday, March 28
5:00 PM

The Plaza Theatre, Chipotle Auditorium

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How you doin' boy? Voicemails from Gran'pa - William D. Caballero – USA – 4:00
A character- driven hybrid short film about pint-sized elderly Latino Gran'pa leaving a series of humorous unanswered voice-mails for his grandson Davy.

Nile Perch - Josh Gibson – Uganda/USA – 17:00
A man and a fish on Lake Victoria in Uganda. This hand-made black and white film is a meditation on the economic impact of an invasive species as well as a parable about the effects of globalization and colonialism on Africa.

Scattered - Lindsay Lindenbaum – USA - 26:00
“Scattered” takes an unflinching look at the filmmaker's late father—a man who was fixated on documenting his life on film—and unravels the story he tried to create with his camera, to reveal the story that actually was.

Por Dinero - Brendan Smyth, Jeremy Smyth – Mexico/USA - 31:00
Quotes from an ancient Mayan hero tie together the life of an undocumented Mexican, his indigenous family, and their dying language in this experimental documentary.

empathia - Cali Berry – USA - 4:35
Troubled by matters of her past, filmmaker Cali Berry reflects on her relationship with her mother as she considers forgiveness and her own intimate relationships.


Thomas Bennett - Nathan Honnold – USA - 9:40
An Intimate portrait of my friend Thomas, who lives on the fringes of society. Every week he gets a check from the state of Georgia for $30, and he spends his allowance buying costume jewelry, war medals, and trophies.