Drama 1

The Bravest, The Boldest

The Bravest, The Boldest

Sunday, March 30
3:45 PM

7 Stages Theatre, Main Stage

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Animals - Alexander Yan – USA - 11:43
A repressed young woman finds power in an act of deviance.

Little Secret - Martin Krejci - Czech Republic - 20:00
We've all covered things up, but what happens when the consequences begin to snowball, and every minute it becomes harder and harder to take back the lie?


Annalyn - Maria Eriksson – Sweden - 30:00
Agnes is bored. She wants a new life, although loyalty towards her lonely father and hard working girlfriend binds her. But when her father presents his new wife, Annalyn, to her, everything changes in ways no one thought possible.

216 Months - Valentin Potier, Frédéric Potier – France - 25:00
Nothing is comparable to the success of Maureen, the ventriloquist singer, except her belly: it is simply outrageous. But a shadow is hanging over her career and that of her manager husband's. The entrancing voice that comes out of Maureen's insides has a name: Charles. He will soon be 18, the rebellious age, and he has one sole objective in life: to be born.


The Bravest, The Boldest - Moon Molson – USA - 17:00
A woman wanders her apartment building avoiding the two Army Casualty Notification Officers who have obviously come there to bring her some bad news.