Other Worlds



Sunday, March 30
12:30 PM

The Plaza Theatre, Main Theatre

Sunday, April 6
6:45 PM

7 Stages Theatre, Main Stage

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After Arcadia - Joe Tippet, Robert Brice – UK - 12:28
A lone scientist wracked with guilt over his part in the accidental extermination of humanity is hoping to rewrite history and erase his past mistakes.

All You Can Eat - Tommy Groth – USA - 3:05
Did you have nightmares about clowns when you were a child? Do you still have nightmares? This short film about a clown and his secret will confirm your fear.

Radiance - Andrew Cumming – UK - 24:00
Forced into hiding on the outskirts of a vast city, two sisters are keeping a dangerous secret.

Beasts in the Real World - Sol Friedman – Canada - 8:00
Explore the tenuous connections between a strange beast, a naturalist, some ghosts and a pair of sushi chefs through several genres including fantasy, thriller, documentary and animation.

Aftermath - Jeremy Robbins – USA - 20:00
In a new, predatory ice age, two brothers search for a place to call home.

Welcome to Dignity Pastures - Brian Lonano – USA - 3:21
Dignity Pastures Funeral Home takes great pride in assisting families to grieve their lost and will give you a respectable and dignified service...no matter what happens.

Bait - Jared Young, Raymond Carr – USA - 9:57
A desperate father uses his willing young son as bait to rescue his wife from a monster conjuring cult.

Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse - Jonathan Rej – USA - 40:00
Where will you be when the Zombie Apocalypse begins? Hopefully not stuck in a cheesy Haunted House wishing you could find a better weapon than a plastic machete.