Ed is a Portal

Ed is a Portal

Saturday, March 29th
5:00 PM

7 Stages Theatre, Main Stage

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Klonox - Thomas Guerigen – France - 5:08
In a strange world, an army of tanks is moving forward relentlessly. Inside one of them, we discover the sad and monotonous world of soldiers but suddenly a strange encounter occur or something strange happens.

The Strings of My Fate - Thomas Guerigen – France - 4:32

The Country Mouse and the City Mouse - Sara Stanton, Mia James, Rachael Hayes, Sylvie Macmillan, Roisin Larkin – UK - 8:12

Fish - Michael Patrick O'Leary, Katherine Fahey – USA - 4:40
Wye Oak's music video—“Fish”— combines the ancient art of shadow puppetry and modern film to tell the tale of a man's transformative journey through a surreal watery landscape.

Not Alone - Trish Sie – USA - 3:55
A lonely sock searches far and wide for its mate.

Puppet Earth: Episode 1 - Laurens Roorda, Thijs Molenaar – Netherlands - 7:21
A documentary about yet undiscovered and unknown life on Little Barrier Island.

Being Doug - Michael Van Orden – USA - 21:05
After a bizarre body switch, Doug, a shy puppeteer, finds himself inside the body of his ventriloquist puppet, Sid, while Sid has now come to life and taken over Doug's body, forcing Doug to learn to gain control of Sid before Sid gains control of the woman Doug loves.

What's for Dinner? - Miron Gusso – USA - 1:28
Spices from all around the world, fight out to be featured for dinner.

Ed is a Portal - Darrell C. Hazelrig – USA - 9:22
"Ed is a Portal" is a sci fi comedy by the New Puppet Order about all of life's little headaches: obnoxious coworkers, slovenly roommates, and having an interdimensional gateway growing in the back of one's head.


Screens With:

It's All Over Now - performed by Blair Crimmins and the Hookers - Ted Redman - USA
Winner from the Creative Loafing Short Cuts Contest.