Short and sweet.



Animated & Narrative, 60 minutes, Ages 7+
Saturday, April 2, 2016,12:00PM — High Museum, Hill Auditorium
Presented in partnership with ASIFA-Atlanta

Sky High | directed by Stewart Powers, United Kingdom, 1:56
Whiteboard animation about the upwards adventure of a young boy.
Director Stewart Powers scheduled to attend.

My Brother is a Zombie | directed by Russell Yaffe, USA, 8:48
Abigail's younger brother, Norman, is the most annoying brother in the world—and he's a zombie! When Abigail gets fed up with taking care of him, she makes a decision that could change their relationship forever.
Director Russell Yaffe and Producer Talia Alberts scheduled to attend.

The Story of Percival Pilts | directed by Janette Goodey & John Lewis, Australia, 8:00
While playing on stilts, young Percival Pilts vows 'Never again shall my feet touch the ground!' Compelled ever higher, he builds his stilts so tall that he no longer fits into normal society. A whimsical story about the challenges and charms of living an impractical life.

Crap You! | directed by Theo Taplitz, USA, 3:38
Ask not for whom the raven craps; it craps for you.
Director Theo Taplitz and Actor Nicholas Taplitz scheduled to attend.

Welcome To My Life | directed by Elizabeth Ito, USA/France, 8:46
The real life story of a normal, Monster-American family.

Simon’s Cat: Off to the Vet | directed by Simon Tofield, United Kingdom, 12:45
A clever cat will go to great lengths to avoid an imminent visit to the vet.

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