A pliable backbone.

AN ecstatic experience

AN ecstatic experience

Experimental, 96 minutes
Friday, April 8, 2016, 7:00PM — 7 Stages Theatre
Presented in partnership with Contraband Cinema

On Surgery | directed by Russell Sheaffer & Aaron Michael Smith, USA, 7:36
“On Surgery” is a part of a series of collaborative works that explore the intersections of trauma, memory, and abstraction.
Projected on 16mm. Directors Russell Sheaffer & Aaron Michael Smith scheduled to attend.

A Place I've Never Been | directed by Adrian Flury, Switzerland, 4:40
By sourcing multiple digital images of the same place from different archives, this experiment in film makes use of frame-by-frame montage to give new meaning to the prevailing redundancy of these pictures.

Ripple | directed by Connor Griffith, USA, 3:12
The shapes we make. An advertisement for planet earth.

Theoretical Architectures | directed by Josh Gibson, USA, 5:26
The shadow landscapes on hard plaster secure the days.

untitled directed by Bonne Fee, USA, 3:00
A passage across a body of water, an audio documentary of childhood and excerpts of motherhood.

This is Yates | directed by Josh Yates, USA, 17:00
“This is Yates” is an autobiographical document that hates itself. Compiled from over 15 years of footage, this film acknowledges the fragmented, media-made self and ultimately builds a collage of home, decaying images, and a body the filmmaker knows will be lost.
Director Josh Yates scheduled to attend.

The Interior | directed by Jonathan Rattner, USA, 23:55
January, the Alaskan Interior, 56 mushing dogs, 4 humans, and 5 hours of sunlight. This observational work—shot on both 16mm and digital video—examines the interior worlds of its subjects and explores how to write with limited light.
Director Jonathan Rattner scheduled to attend.

Erasure | directed by Ana Teresa Fernandez, Mexico, 5:39
On September 26, 2014, 43 poor young men, students from a rural teacher’s college were kidnapped in the town of Iguala, Mexico, apparently because their activities might disrupt the speech of the wife of the mayor of Iguala. Reports say the mayor told the police chief to make them disappear.

From Ally to Accomplice | directed by Kelly Gallagher, USA, 17:38
Stories of committed accomplices in struggle who have fought to destroy white supremacy and racism by any means necessary.

An Ecstatic Experience | directed by Ja'Tovia Gary, USA, 6:11
An invocation and a meditation on transcendence as a means of restoration and resistance.
Director Ja'Tovia Gary scheduled to attend.