Hardy and tight-knit.

eat white dirt

eat white dirt

Documentary, 90 minutes
Tuesday, April 5, 2016, 7:00PM — 7 Stages Theatre
ENCORE: Sunday, April 10, 2016, 5:00 PM — 7 Stages Theatre
Presented in partnership with Homespun,
a series crafted by Atlanta Film Society Filmmakers-in-Residence Jon Watts & Brantly Watts

Hotel Clermont | directed by Heather L. Hutson, USA, 29:10
“Hotel Clermont” documents the last days of a storied Atlanta hotel and the lives of its residents.
Director Heather L. Hutson and Photographer Elissa Benzie scheduled to attend.

The New Orleans Sazerac | directed by James Martin, USA, 20:28
“The New Orleans Sazerac” is a short documentary that explores the expansive history and modern applications of the classic cocktail through interviews with historians, authors, experts, and bartenders.
Director James Martin and Producer Jen West scheduled to attend.

Eat White Dirt | directed by Adam Forrester, USA, 37:25
“Eat White Dirt” weaves the story of Tammy Wright, a 37-year-old mother addicted to eating kaolin, with that of scientists, local historians, a physician, an artist, and three other practitioners of geophagy, or earth-eating.
Director Adam Forrester, Producer Davin Green and Editor Jeff Jay scheduled to attend.