A delicate investment.

THE city of joy

THE city of joy

Documentary, 90 minutes
Saturday, April 9, 2016, 2:30PM — 7 Stages Theatre

Saultopaul | directed by John Henry Summerour, USA, 24:00
Atlanta-based artist Susan Cofer invited Georgia-born filmmaker John Henry Summerour (“Sahkanaga”) to spend a year documenting Saultopaul, an 1100-acre farm in northwest Georgia populated by Longhorn cattle, gigantic rock sculptures and Carl, her husband in his 80th year.
Director John Henry Summerour scheduled to attend.

Kraina   | directed by Christina Tynkevych, Ukraine/United Kingdom, 26:55
Kiev, Ukraine, Spring 2015. The war with Russia is five hundred miles to the East, but since the revolution of 2013-14, every moment of Kristina’s life has been affected by the conflict.
Director Christina Tynkevych scheduled to attend.

Tourist | directed by Jared Jakins, Vietnam/USA, 16:43
An aging veteran returns to Vietnam after 45 years to explore the remnants of war in his life.
Director Jared Jakins scheduled to attend.

The City of Joy | directed by Joe Gomez, India, 22:00
Following a girl living in a slum trying to get an education, a mother in a village raising her two daughters alone, and a man in the city who pulls a rickshaw through the streets of Kolkata to provide for a family of seven, “The City of Joy” is a portrait of the daily life of three individuals and the city they live in.
Director Joe Gomez and Producer Seth Jones scheduled to attend.