Music Video Presentation

Monday, April 4, 2016, 7:00 PM — Joystick Gamebar — FREE

Join us at Joystick Gamebar for a series of music videos of all different styles. This series will showcase local and international bands on the rise. Afterwards stay with us for drinks & games with the filmmakers.

The Less I Know the Better — Tame Impala
directed by CANADA, 5:42

Water N Liquor — Karmella Daniel
directed by Payne Lindsey, 3:22

Amadeus — Family & Friends
directed by Mike MacDonald, 3:30

Kandy Kangaroo — Q. Guyton
directed by Quentin Guyton, 4:43

Golden Goose — Sam Lucia
directed by Blake Davey, 3:28

King — Grades
directed by Taichi Kumura, 4:37

The Ground Walks — Modest Mouse
directed by Jorge Torres-Torres, 4:01

Going Nowhere — St. Beauty
directed by Lacey Duke, 3:46

Dove — Pillar Point
directed by Jacob Krupnick, 4:52

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