Shiny but gritty.

how to be a black panther

how to be a black panther

Narrative, 95 minutes
Thursday, April 7, 2016, 9:35PM — Plaza Theatre, Upstairs

Ookie Cookie | directed by Francesca Mirabella, USA, 13:35
Five teenagers play truth or dare in the basement of a funeral reception.
Director Francesca Mirabella scheduled to attend.

Asunder | directed by Nathalie Álvarez Mesén, Sweden, 17:11
During a family party in the countryside, we follow Nia and her cousin Teo, whose relationship balances on the edge of what is considered normative. A film about power, sexuality, love and the urge to explore.
Director Nathalie Álvarez Mesén and Screenwriter/Actor David Rysdahl scheduled to attend.

Rate Me | directed by Fyzal Boulifa, United Kingdom, 17:00
A portrait of teen escort, 'Coco.’

How to Be a Black Panther | directed by Daisy Zhou, USA, 22:18
On July 4th, 1968, Han Kang navigates the day in a small homogeneous suburban town as the only Asian American teenager. Today, both the anniversary of America's independence and the death of a dear African American friend, ignites celebration, mourning, anger, and revelation.
Director Daisy Zhou and Producer Kayla Wong scheduled to attend.

The Man of My Life | directed by Mélanie Delloye, France, 25:33
When Alice sees Eric kissing another girl, she is devastated. To make matters worse, her rival runs with her in the same relay team. Alice might only be 13 years old, but she is not ready to give up her place so easily.