A costly transformation.



Narrative, 90 minutes
Saturday, April 9, 2016, 4:45PM — 7 Stages Theatre

People Are Becoming Clouds | directed by Marc Katz, USA, 14:49
John and Eleanor work to save their marriage after discovering her tendency to turn into a cloud.
Director Marc Katz and Cinematographer Zach Stoltzfus scheduled to attend.

Harmony | directed by Felix Schaffert, Switzerland, 17:00
When a 9-year-old girl discovers that her mother works as a prostitute at night, she tries to escape their morbidly symbiotic relationship in a bold move.

Better Than Tomorrow | directed by EuiJeong Hong, United Kingdom, 15:20
A satirical short about a man longing to meet his wife in an enigmatic rehabilitation facility, after being frozen for many years.
Director EuiJeong Hong scheduled to attend.

Under The Sun | directed by QIU Yang, China/Australia, 19:00
One incident occurs, two families tangle. There’s nothing new under the sun.
Cinematographer Tarun Hansen scheduled to attend.

Albert the Dog | directed by Pau Suris and Pau Dalmases (aka Pensacola), USA, 12:12
Sandy wakes up to find her stressed ad-man husband behaving like a dog.
Director Pau Saris and Producer Ella Bishop scheduled to attend.

Western Women | directed by Alexander Yan, USA, 14:02
In a Las Vegas hotel room, a young man orders an unusual prostitute.
Director Alexander Yan scheduled to attend.

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