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more than music: senegal

more than music: senegal

Animation, Documentary, & Narrative, 75 minutes
Thursday, March 31, 2016, 8:00PM — Plaza Theatre, Main
Presented in partnership with
WonderRoot’s Generally Local,
Mostly Independent Film Series

More Than Music: Senegal directed by Babacar Ndiaye, USA, 12:57
At a time when Hip Hop seems headed in a disappointing direction, there exists an underexposed community of Artists who've managed to transform the genre to address their community's needs.
Director Babacar Ndiaye and Producer Franz Gatzke scheduled to attend.

Heartwood | directed by Nick Madden, USA, 4:45
A mushroom forager is poisoned and saved by a forest deity.
Director Nick Madden scheduled to attend.

Violet directed by Brit Wigintton, USA, 10:39
When Violet finds herself living in a refuge for runaway girls in the Georgia backwoods, she soon realizes that nothing is as perfect as it seems. In order to save her ‘sisters,’ she must make a decision that could change their lives forever.
Director Brit Wigintton and Producer Grey Clawson scheduled to attend.

BIGNATTYDADDY  | directed by John Merizalde, USA, 7:23
Tyler is a 15-year-old living in suburban Texas. He goes on dates, enjoys hip hop, and is an openly outspoken, heavy user of steroids. This jarring juxtaposition sets the tone for an honest and artful character study.
Director John Merizalde scheduled to attend.

Jinju | directed by Crystal Jin Kim, USA, 10:19
A Korean American mother endures a day of her daughter's sulking until it escalates to the breaking of something deeply precious.
Director Crystal Jin Kim scheduled to attend.

A Faraway Beach  directed by Max Siciliano, USA/Vietnam, 2:45
A voyeuristic documentary portrait of a small fishing village on the southern coast of Vietnam.

The New Orleans Sazerac | directed by James Martin, USA, 20:28
“The New Orleans Sazerac” is a short documentary that explores the expansive history and modern applications of the classic cocktail through interviews with historians, authors, experts, and bartenders.
Director James Martin and Producer Jen West scheduled to attend.

Gwilliam | directed by Brian Lonano, USA, 5:45
A recently released criminal is looking for a good time. He can forget his sins but he can never forget… Gwilliam.
Director Brian Lonano and Producer Kevin Lonano scheduled to attend.
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