directed by Dave Adams & Josie Swantek
USA/Thailand, 2015, English, 80 minutes

Wednesday, April 6, 2016, 9:15 PM — 7 Stages Theatre

Thousands of desperate families have abandoned and sold their daughters into Thailand's rampant sex trafficking industry. ‘Activist’ Mickey Choothesa founded a shelter to rescue these young girls from their misfortune. He provides food, education, and family…or at least that’s the story he sells. Upon further investigation, Mickey's story doesn't quite add up. Is he manipulating these vulnerable girls for his own profit? "The Wrong Light" exposes Choothesa and the dark side of misrepresented global aid. —Rashid Nellons

Co-Directors Dave Adams and Josie Swantek and Co-Producers Albie Hecht and Susan MacLaury scheduled to attend.

#Documentary #WorldPremiere