Fleeting glimpses through the glass.

Raised By Krump

Raised By Krump

Documentary, 92 minutes
Tuesday, March 28, 2017, 7:00 PM — 7 Stages Theatre, Main

More is More | directed by Alexis Boling, USA, 6:24
Unearthly creatures from another dimension climb out of the mind of a transformational artist and onto the streets of NYC.

Gut Hack | directed by Kate McLean & Mario Furloni, USA, 14:00
A former NASA scientist turned bio-hacker attempts an experiment that makes him confront the multitudes inside.

Powder Fresh | directed by Lyntoria Newton, USA, 7:37
“Powder Fresh” is an experimental look into the racial and gender implications of hygienic practices through targeted advertising.

The Sandman | directed by Lauren Knapp, USA, 18:56
A doctor walks the line of his own morality as he participates in executions, while personally opposing capital punishment.
#Competition, #Georgia

Distribution | directed by Sam Ellison, Nicaragua/USA, 11:10
The pirate movie industry of Nicaragua, seen in kaleidoscopic detail.
#CineMás, #Competition

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Raised by Krump | directed by Maceo Frost, USA/Germany/Sweden, 22:00
“Raised by Krump” explores the LA-born dance movement ‘krumping,’ and the lives of some of the area’s most influential and prolific dancers.    

Matthew's Gift | directed by Jon Watts, USA, 11:54
We follow photographer Oana Hogrefe as she dedicates her one day a year taking remembrance photos of a child nearing the end of life.