Food on Film:
MY COUSIN VINNY (25th Anniversary)

directed by Jonathan Lynn
USA, 1992, English, 120 minutes

Sunday, March 26, 2017, 12:00 PM — Plaza Theatre, Downstairs
          After-Party to follow at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center

Bill Gambini and Stan Rothenstein are a couple of 21-year-old college guys taking a cross-country road trek to UCLA via the back roads of the deep South. They should be having the time of their lives, except for one small mishap: They are wrongfully arrested in Wahzoo City, Alabama, for murdering a convenience store clerk. At best, they face long-term jail sentences; at worst...the electric chair. Their only hope is legal representation from Bill's cousin Vinny, a Brooklyn lawyer who took six years to pass the bar and only made it six weeks ago. This is not only his first murder trial it's his first case. Refusing help from his fiery Brooklyn girlfriend, Lisa, the novice lawyer must wrestle with legal procedures in an alien environment under the intimidating eye of Chamberlain Haller, a tough country judge with an obsession for the letter of the law and a powerful dislike for Vinny.

This year, we are having an after-party to celebrate GRITS in all of the glorious, Southern dishes we can get our hands on. After-party FREE for “My Cousin Vinny” ticket-holders and badge-holders.

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