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ATLFF Love NC-17 Filmmakers Love the Mix-and-Match Questionnaire

Martin Edralin's and Hannes Thor Arason's contributtions to our mix-and-match questionnaire are rated G for everyone.

ATLFF Filmmaker Will Feagins, Jr. Conquers the Mix-and-Match Questionnaire

"Divided Time" Director Will Feagins, Jr. tells us about the most challenging part of filmmaking and why his film is for closet cat people.

Thursday's Creative Conference: Casting Call + More

March 26th's Creative Conference could introduce you to the talent your project needs!

ATLFF Filmmaker Dean Francis Surfs Through the Mix-and-Match Questionnaire

Ahead of tonight's DROWN screening, director Dean Francis answers our ruthless questionnaire regarding film and potatoes.

TONIGHT: 7 Stages Presents the Competition Screenplay Reading

SAG-AFTRA actors will read excerpts of our three winners' screenplays from the 2015 Screenplay Competition tonight, March 25th at 5pm. Admission is FREE. 

Wednesday's Creative Conference: Lights! Camera! Grip Truck!

Wednesday's Creative Conference features 6 FREE workshops! Join students & fellow filmmakers in exploring tricks of the trade.

ATLFF Filmmaker Álex Sampayo & The Mix-and-Match Questionnaire

"Schimbare" Director Álex Sampayo reflects on patience and rattlesnake people.

Spotlight by Dean Treadway: "Satanic Panic 2: Battle of the Bands"

Special contributor Dean Treadway talks to Eddie Ray, the crazed mastermind behind ATLFF '15 Official Selection Satanic Panic 2: Battle of the Bands.

ATLFF Filmmakers Carolina Markowicz and Fernanda Salloum Mix-and-Match Their Questionnaire

"Tatuape Mahal Tower" Co-Directors Carolina Markowicz & Fernanda Salloum share more than a film credit.

Event Calendar
2015 Atlanta Film Festival

The 39th annual Atlanta Film Festival takes place from March 20-29, 2015!

ATLFF '15: The Goat Farm Arts Center presents SOUND & VISION

Presented by The Goat Farm Arts Center, ATLFF's annual SOUND & VISION event showcases music videos, experimental films, live music and more.


ATLFF 2015 Marquee Presentation of "The Sisterhood of Night." Director Caryn Waechter; lead actresses Georgie Henley, Kara Hayward, and Willa Cuthrell; actor Evan Kuzma; executive producer David Urritia and producer Elizabeth Cuttrell are scheduled to attend. 

ATLFF '15: Splatter Cinema presents BLACK SUNDAY (1960)

ATLFF 2015 Presentation of 1960 Italian horror classic "Black Sunday," presented by Splatter Cinema.


ATLFF 2015 Closing Night Presentation of "Sunshine Superman." Filmmaker Marah Strauch scheduled to attend.

ATLFF '15: Touch the Puppet Head (feat. "Pepper's Place")

ATLFF 2015 Presentation “Touch the Puppet Head” is a combination of live puppetry performances and curated short puppet films, featuring the world premiere of Molly Coffee’s "Pepper’s Place."

ATLFF '15 Marquee Film: LOVE AND MERCY

ATLFF 2015 Marquee Presentation of "Love and Mercy."

ATLFF '15: SundanceTV presents: "The Red Road"

ATLFF 2015 Presentation of SundanceTV's original series "The Red Road." Cast and crew scheduled to attend.

ATLFF '15: HBO presents "Game of Thrones" Season 5 Premiere

Come and see the Season 5 premiere of "Game of Thrones" two weeks early at The Fox Theatre! Tickets available by phone or in person at the Fox box office.

Screenwriter School with Michael Lucker

A lot of screenwriting teachers claim to teach what you need to make it in the movie biz— but how many of them have actually done it? At Screenwriter School, Michael Lucker will teach you how to go from first idea to first sale—the way only an experienced screenwriter can do it.

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