What is a C-Ticket?

A C-Ticket (also known as a “Companion Ticket”) admits one person to any regular-price movie at the Atlanta Film Festival. If that person is accompanied by an ATLFF Pass holder, the C-Ticket holder may stand in line A. (One C-Ticket holder per Pass holder. )

 If a C-Ticket holder is not accompanying an ATLFF Pass holder, they must stand in Line C. Line C patrons (C-Ticket holders and MovieHopper Card holders) are seated after those in Line A an those in Line B on a first-come basis until all seats in the screening are filled.

C-Tickets are purchased with Passes and are not available for individual purchase. For tickets to single films, purchase a regular ticket at the box office or online.

C-Tickets are not good for opening or closing nights, panels, parties or other festival events with a ticket price higher than $10.

See the Passes and Tickets page for more information on admission types at the Atlanta Film Festival.