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"How do I break into Hollywood?" That’s what every scriptwriter wants to know, right? "How can I make it happen?" Well the answer is simple, really—you write a really, really good script. And now, we’re here to help you do that.  

The Atlanta Film Festival is now offering coverage and analysis on feature length screenplays. Believe us when we say that we want you to succeed.

Here at the ATLFF offices, we have some screenplay savants and industry professionals that will meticulously read and dissect your project, offering notes, criticisms, and ideas on how to make your project successful and more sellable. Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh, unbiased pair of eyes to discover what your script needs to make the jump from good to great. We want to note that this isn’t for the faint of heart. We’re going to work hard to make your script better; our notes will be honest and constructive and thoughtful.  

We guarantee a 60-day turnaround. We charge $100 a submission, and we want to clarify that scripts entered into ATLFF Coverage & Analysis are still eligible to be entered into our Screenplay Competition, which is one of the reasons why we guarantee that 60 day turnaround. In addition to script coverage, we’re willing to help you with your logline—to help you write something that’ll really snag your readers attention. 

Should you have any more questions about our Coverage & Analysis program, e-mail us here.


"We're much closer to getting "Ol' Red" placed because of the direction and cogent advice we received from the Atlanta Film Festival Coverage and Analysis. Ali's notes were very helpful in the re-write of this project. I think AFF's critique is a high quality asset and I would recommend the service without reservation."  Jack Conrad, writer
"I was more than pleased with the detailed Coverage & Analysis I received. From characterization to plot points, the critique covered all areas, including dialogue.  The analysis was clearly written and understandable. I was able to rewrite and improve my script to perfection, without spending tons of money! Thank you Atlanta Film Festival for an awesome screenplay service."
—Davin DeLoatch, writer

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