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Latest News from ATLFF

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Sign Up for a Slot at the New Mavericks Open Mic Night on July 15!

This month, the New Mavs are hosting an open mic night for you to introduce yourself to the Atlanta filmmaking community!

Russell Sheaffer's Experimental Feature "Masculinity/Femininity" (ATLFF '15) is Available for Free

An example of ATLFF's dedication to both feature and short experimental films, 2015 selection "Masculinity/Femininity" from Russell Sheaffer is available for free on Vimeo On Demand.

ATLFF Now Accepting Pilot Episodes in Both Film and Screenplay Submissions

While ATLFF has screened network television shows for years and indie pilot "Pepper's Place" in 2015, we are now opening up both film and screenplay submissions to pilot episodes for the first time ever!

ATLFF '15 Best Documentary Feature Winner "Stray Dog"—One of the Year's Most Lauded Films

Debra Granik first played ATLFF with 2010's "Winter's Bone" and again this year with Jury Award-winner "Stray Dog." Both films have made significant impacts on the indie circuit.

Upcoming Events from ATLFF

Event Calendar
New Mavericks: Open Mic Night

Introduce yourself to the ATLFF New Mavericks community at our Open Mic Night on July 15! Talk about what you do, what you're working on and areas where you could use assistance.

The "Edgor & Izzy" Variety Beg-A-Thon All-Star Extravaganza Panhandle Review

Join ATLFF Filmmaker-in-Residence Darrell C. Hazelrig and his cast and crew for upcoming feature film "Edgor & Izzy" as they poke, prod and turn out your pockets while distracting you with a fun-filled evening of variety entertainment!

Screenwriter School with Michael Lucker

A lot of screenwriting teachers claim to teach what you need to make it in the movie biz— but how many of them have actually done it? At Screenwriter School, Michael Lucker will teach you how to go from first idea to first sale—the way only an experienced screenwriter can do it.

Eat, Drink, & B-Indie presented by Stella Artois: Screenwriting

Acclaimed screenwriter and industry expert Michael Lucker will join us for a special EDBI all about Screenwriting.

Workshop: Intro to the Film Business

Interested in a career in the growing Georgia film industry, but don't know where to start or fit in? This class walks you through the basic duties, responsibilities, and hierarchy of each department working on a film set and more.